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Security Risk Management and Investigative Consulting Services 

Experteer Assist Clients in Assessing & Managing Physical Security Risks and in Providing Investigative Answers, Facts and Solutions to Issues.  

We help clients to plan and implement consistent and effective security programs and assist in  investigative tasks in providing useable information such as facts and findings, that will provide facts, evidence and accountability for a specific issue or provide solutions to specific questions.

We provide essential consultancy to clients and partners in meeting their unique security and investigative needs, guide them towards the right solutions and assist with their implementation. Our clients ask us to assist them in developing processes to protect their staff, assets and investments against a wide range of adversaries.

In security protection we work with clients to identify areas of vulnerability, and to recommend and implement protective measures; we have acted on behalf of a diverse client base on matters that include security planning, property portfolio reviews of physical security and asset protection, security management plans and oversight, training program development, expert testimony and post-incident security breach investigations. In each case we adopt a professional approach leveraging our expert knowledge of security and investigations and our network of security and investigative resources to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and provide accountability for specific issues.

HOW CAN A INVESTIGATIVE SECURITY CONSULTANT BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS?  "An investigative security consultant can provide a variety of services that can be quite valuable. They can: Provide an unbiased view of your security needs. Review your security programs in keeping with security standards and best industry standards. Review your security programs for possible security risks, breeches or lawsuits. Bring knowledge from solving problems in different environments. Investigate internal and external security breaches and provide a detailed analysis report of what when wrong and how to fix it. Save money by resolving problems with cost effective solutions. Bring a fresh pair of experience and knowledgeable eyes to review security and other internal problems or issues. Provide creditable review of internal recommendations adding credibility to in-house management by offering solutions and workable ideas in security issues. Assist in negotiating quality bids by knowing what the labor time, tasks and charges should be for security services for your business. Help recruit and select truly qualified contract vendors and security service personnel. Provide other assistance and services on a case by case basis".

"Also as a fully trained and licensed private investigator and legally undertake inquiry or investigatory tasks such as investigative interviews in obtaining facts and in the gathering all types of evidence and information through investigative research that would be useful in offering solutions or in resolving an issue or developing a course of action.."


Experteer is a fully vetted, insured, state licensed class "A" private investigative firm with an excellent reputation in adhering to security industry standards and investigative practices. Our past clients include commercial businesses, banks, law firms, healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, corporations and small businesses. We are incredibly proud of the diversity of our clients and in providing tailored services for specific security projects or investigative assignments.

Experteer Security Solutions LLC is known for providing discreet but high-quality professional services with an emphasis on the service practices listed below. 


 We have substantial security consulting experience in advising private clients and organizations across multi-disciplinary fields including corporate, healthcare, commercial real estate and government environments. We encourage clients to develop a robust security culture through current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and strategic security planning specializing in creating tailor-made security programs based on a comprehensive risk assessment and client preferences and budgets. For us every situation is unique, as are each client’s needs. Following a developed security risk management plan, we can ensure that appropriate cost-effective measures are in place to provide efficient and effective responses to situations that may arise. 

·         Crime Prevention Inspections 

·         Physical Security Assessments

·         Security Operations Audit & Reviews  

·         Threat and Risk Assessments

·         Security Solutions Consultancy

·         Security policy and procedure reviews

·         Regulation and Compliance

·         Security Management and Administration

·         Expert Witness – Lawsuit Litigation Support 


We provide comprehensive investigation services to attorneys, corporate legal teams, human resource groups or individuals to assist them in fact-finding investigations or in litigation support. Our experienced investigators have proven to be the key to winning some of the toughest cases. We specialize in attorney; corporate or human resources lead investigations and have an expertise in managing workplace investigations and conducting sensitive, complex investigations related to allegations of employee misconduct, conflicts of interest, fraud, waste, and abuse, drug diversion, internet fraud, internal/external theft, ORC, domestic, anonymous hotline/whistle blower complaints, corporate ethics/compliance, and violations of corporate policies/code of conduct. We have worked as an integral partner in providing case facts and record findings, recommending corrective actions and assisting in developing a plan of resolution and accountability and or legal proceedings. 

·                Human Resource Investigations  

·                Corporate Investigations

·                Banking Investigations  

·                Fact Finding Investigations  

·                Litigation Investigations

·                Insurance Investigations

·                Security Breach Investigations

·                Regulation and Compliance Investigations

·                Accidental Death Investigations


Experteer Security Solutions LLC provides expert witness consultations and opinions at cost effective rates. When requested, we provide an expert opinion report and testimony in legal actions involving negligent, inadequate security or use of force claims. These services are equally available to both Defense and Plaintiff law firms. Issues typically involved in these type cases include crime/incident foreseeability; industry custom and practice; policies and procedures; actions/ inactions of security and other personnel; and overall adequacy of security or specific public safety measures. Our assessments and opinions are based on specialized training, education, subject knowledge and many years of practical, hands-on security and law enforcement experience, in forming our opinions using a proven IAPSC Forensic Methodology that a U.S. District Court in accepting it, found to be “very reliable” (FRE 702 as established by the U.S. Supreme Court in Daubert et al.).   Experts Directory 


 We believe that education and awareness are a couple of the best steps in security risk management personnel responses to a crisis can immunize or compound the impact of a threat. We can develop unique training programs that can offer a blended learning approach focusing on reducing risks and insufficient responses through education and tailored training programs. We can provide sessions on any number of security/safety related subjects.  Some of the topics are listed below, and new topics are added continuously.  We can also create a custom program based on your needs.

·         Suspicious Packages

·         Suspicious Activity Reporting

·         Office Safety/Security/Theft

·         CPR/AED Training

·         Fire Warden Training

·         Disaster Planning

·         Work Place Violence/Threats

·         Active Shooter Training

·         Crime Prevention Training  

·         Pandemic Events (Flu)

·         Personal Safety and Awareness


FIELD SUB-CONTRACTING SERVICES.  Experteer holds active sub-contracting contracts and has been sub-contracted by some of the largest security and investigative firms in Texas and in the nation for its expertise in providing practical field services for a number of fortune hundred corporations and for some of the top law firms in the country.  


Our associates are knowledgeable and highly experienced individuals who can contribute to the development of a case or the execution of a project in a substantive, measurable way.  Our customers benefit in using professionals who have highly trained backgrounds and broad, deep-rooted exposure from years of real life multi-disciplinary work experience in law enforcement and corporate security service. In addition to our considerable in-house resources, Experteer, has trusted sub-contractors in many different specialized fields of expertise. Polygraph operators, handwriting analysis specialists, private investigators, forensic computer specialists, technical physical security specialists, photograph/video specialists, chemists, crime scene specialists, intelligence specialists, evidence specialists, personal protection agents, off-duty police officers, supply chain specialists, accountants and security design engineers for specific support when required. in showing some of the strength of depth our company has. 


Mr. Gregory D. Lilyhorn serves as President and Mr. Roger E. Martin serves as Vice-President both are accomplished security practitioners and court certified trial consultants offering expert witness opinions on civil and criminal lawsuits involving lengthy reviews of security practices and procedures, having experience in major safety and physical security lawsuits involved millions of dollars in judicial determinations.

President - Mr. Gregory D. Lilyhorn, BSCrJ, CFC, CCI, CI, APP, CAS, SSI, CHS-V. Accredited Expert Practitioner, Security Consultant, Private Investigator, Qualified Security Manager and PSB CE School Director/Instructor - (Retired USDHS-FPSD LE Officer - Tenet Healthcare Corporate Security) - Adjunct Faculty Dallas County Community College and TXDPS-PSB CE School Director   Linkedin

Vice President - Mr. Roger Martin, BA, CPP - Security Consultant, Private Investigator and PSB CE Instructor - ( Retried Dallas Police Lieutenant - Hunt Oil Corporate Security ) - Adjunct Faculty UNT-Dallas and the Caruth Police Institute)  LinkedIn

Associate Educational Advisor - J. Anthony McClure, BA, MBA, Adjunct Professor - Dallas Baptist University & Southern Methodist University (Retired US Army Lt. Col. - DOD Intelligence Service). 

Associate Corporate Advisor - Christopher D. Miller, CPP, International Director of Corporate Security & Security Consulting Stream Facilities Management Services

Associate Networking Advisor - Karl Snow, MBA, BA, Investigator & Vice President of the Special Response Team (SRT) of the National Association of Missing and Exploited Children (NAMEC).  

Associate Cybersecurity Advisor - Marieta “MO” Oglesby, MS, BS,  Criminal Justice/Cybersecurity Adjunct Faculty, College of Online & Continuing Education - Southern New Hampshire University  - ACBSP Accredited.

Associate Banking Advisor - Jeff Vaughn, BS, Corporate Security Manager/ Cooperate Bank Officer - TIB Independent Bankers Bank, NA, 

Affiliations and Memberships:

American Association of Industrial Security - International, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Texas Crime Prevention Association, American College of Forensic Examiners - International,  DSDA - Dallas Security Directors Association, FBI Infragard of North Texas,  Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, International Association of Professional Security Consultants, North Texas Crime Commission, National Fire Protection Association, National Association of Legal Investigators. Association of Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas, International Association of Healthcare Security & Safety, International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals, National Association of Missing and Exploited Children, and the American Criminal Justice Association.